Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Simplifying & New HappyFeetNL Beginnings in Spring

EDIT 09.04.15: Due to many personal reasons (many things going on!), I won't be able to update on the yoga and meditation challenge. I'll be doing them because I need it for my balance and strength but will not do so in a challenge setting.  I'll update you with my progress in the future.  For now, as the title say, "I'll be simplifying!"  There is time enough in the future to record it here for you to be a part of the process, too. :) xo

Yesterday, after writing the blog update on how I am dealing with the huge probability of giving up on running Rotterdam Marathon, I felt how my mental disposition changed positively.

There are 5 simple goals  I feel happy to have accomplished since 2015 began; the training for Rotterdam Marathon, which started for me at the last quarter of 2014,  played a key role in fulfilling them:
  1. Blogged more.
  2. Ran more.
  3. Gained more courage to interact and create awareness on social media about mental health disorder.
  4. Wrote more often and open about how it is to be a runner with bipolar disorder.
  5. Took small simple but necessary steps to regain a more structured life.

All these accomplished goals have become clearer to me because of the marathon updates I have written.  Every little step, every little activity was a part of what I hope will be a huge improvement at the end of the year.

Sometimes it takes the "deterioration" of one's health to make one reevaluate where one stands in life, and whether the path is still where you are suppose to be to reach where you would like to be.   

Sometimes it takes a road block to make one turn around,  and acknowledge how far one has come, and to recognize that a detour does not mean one has to go back where one has started but it only means one has to take a new direction to reach one's destination.

Today, I signed up @ DoYouYoga, that I can go back to practicing yoga, and begin with meditation in a more structured manner. 

When I got stuck while training for Berlin marathon, I joined the gym.  My first intention was to simply inject strength exercises in my training.  This is when and where I discovered I enjoy yoga classes, and many other fitness activities.

I am having a hard time going back to the gym, so this is my baby step to get back to the positive flow - follow online classes.

If you are a member of the site, please send me a follow request, that we could support and encourage each other along the way.


I began spontaneously this morning with the meditation course, and felt great.  10 minutes was all I needed, and I felt I have accomplished a good step towards the right path.

What are you doing to simplify keeping fit this Spring? How do you create new beginnings after encountering set backs?

I wish you joy as you continue your own pursuit to a healthier lifestyle, and more to your efforts of creating a stronger you.

Love the positive spirit that DoYouYoga spread: reboot, revive, rejoice!

A great Spring motto, don't you think? :)

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