Monday, March 30, 2015

Monday Marathon Training Mental Prep & Last Long Distance Run

Rereading my Zandvoort Circuit Run 2012 is a great mental prep for my last Rotterdam Marathon #MR15 long distance training run.  

My  Zandvoort Circuit Run
Left - 2012
Right - 2014

Reposted this picture on my

Instagram account

to cheer fellow runners.

Rejoicing for others keep your running goals alive, I've learned.

13 days to go to Marathon Rotterdam, 

and here are #MyRoad2Rotterdam facts:

1. From November (my official start of training) until March (not counting the mileage of today and tomorrow), I've ran a total of 439.01 km. 

Not much compared to an average runner preparing for their marathon. 

Compared to my *own* stats and preparation for my previous marathons (Berlin, Amsterdam & Marathon de Paris) though, this has been my highest training mileage.

My last run (11 km) in November in Scheveningen,
completing a 125 km in a month,
made me completely commit to the idea of running
Rotterdam Marathon

An image I posted on my
Instagram account
on the 9th of December, 2014
officially announcing my
Rotterdam Marathon goal

2. In January, I ran my first long distance training run of 25 km. 

This has been the longest distance I've run, since my injury in July-August 2013 (completely recovered end of 2014).

No Morton Neuroma (foot nerve injury) pain!

Sunday, 25th of January

25 kilometers

In February, I ran 2, 25 km officially, one is actually 29 km but it did not record because the battery of my sport watch was empty by kilometer 25.

Sunday, 1st of February
25 kilometers
Monday, 23rd February
25 kilometers
(29 but only 25 kilometers got recorded
with the sportswatch due to empty battery)

In March, I ran my first race for this year, a half-marathon in the Hague.  

It was my test run to gauge the status of my condition, as well as consider the eventuality of choosing another marathon, should my training not be enough to finish within the time limit in Rotterdam.

CPC Run 2015

Sunday, 8th of March

Half-marathon race

Middle of March, I wanted to run 32-35 km as a final long distance training so I can confidently go to the start on the 12th of April. Alas until today, I have not managed it yet.

3. From December to March, I have been sick almost every month. 

It is a persistent respiratory infection. 

This is  why I had to rest a week to a couple of weeks and go back to training again; a re-occurring cycle of the past 3 months.

posted on Instagram

5th of January

posted on Instagram

17th of December, 2014

My marathon goals has always been to get myself regularly outdoors, for Rotterdam marathon run at least 100-150 km/month, and finish still running to the finish line.

So far I have managed the first two goals, and in two weeks, I'll see if I will accomplish the third.

Monday, 23rd February

during my
25 kilometers 

training run

4. With my minimal(istic) training, my body has been prepared to continuously run/move from 4-6 hours in a slow consistent pace.

My previous marathon experiences assures me now, that I will be mentally strong enough to finish the distance.

If I manage a strong run for my last long distance training, today or tomorrow (either 35/15 km or 15/35;  will also try 18/32 or 32/18 km )  I will have the assurance that I will be physically able to run the whole distance as well.

But perhaps not within the prescribed finish time of 5:30.

5. I'll be starting on the 12th of April, depending on my run today and tomorrow. 

If I finish strong, and taper well in the next 12 days, you'll find me at the start! 

If during the event itself, I feel that I won't finish on time, I'll be stepping out @ kilometer 35, and see the day as a long distance training for a marathon I will run in May or June.

Currently looking for a bib
for the ING Luxembourg Night Marathon!

6. This marathon training has given me a lot  - the opportunity to learn new important lessons, and apply the old lessons in running I have learned in the past 3 years.

My friendship with long time friends (non-runners as well!), as well as with new friends have also deepened because of this marathon adventure.

7. I am happy I took the first step towards Rotterdam Marathon.

Once again, I wish everyone all the best in the last couple of weeks of training/tapering! Don't forget to pat yourself on the back for all the hard work of the last months!

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        1. Good luck, both with the marathon and with the A-Z challenge. I've never had the desire to run or walk that far, but many do, hope you succeed.

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