Monday, October 13, 2014

How I Met My Running/Blogging Fairy Godmother(s)

Behind a special running day is always a fairytale

One of my favorite childhood fairytale is Cinderella.  It is not because of the Prince on the white horse but it is because of the cool Godmother!

As a runner, who loves footwear (not only of the running kind!), how can you not fall in love with the Godmother? She gave Cinderella awesome glass slippers to wear to the ball! ;)

I began blogging ( anonymously, for creative theraphy) in 2006.  A year later on the blogging platform I started on, I met a lady blogger, who shared the wisdom of these words to me: baby steps.  

Simple words you might think but for me, someone who has to work very hard to put peace in the chaos of her  mind, those words imparted made a great difference.

They came at a crucial turning point in my life giving me focus and strength of will to make the first brave step to steering it in a new direction.

Since then, I fondly called the lady blogger and my good friend, "Soulfairygodmother".

On this blog though,  I would like to introduce you to:

"My Running/Blogging Fairy Godmother"! 

I met her (and Fieke, the other beautiful half of GL2R!) personally,  a year after I started following their blog, which began parallel to mine in January, 2012.

Our meetings have brought me literally forward, fitness wise, and metaphorically to different kinds of "balls" in my life.

Since then - at least in my head! - I have baptized and called GL2R as, "My Running/ Fairy Godmother(s)".

Today, they -  together with the world! - will know it, too. :D

The "ball"

First edition of the AJAX Foundation Run.

The obstacle to the "ball"

No, there was no  step-mother and evil step-sisters getting in my way of going to the event, it was simply as always the relatives of my bipolar disorder: anxiety/panic attack. 

Logic and experience tells me to be calm but my mind always finds a way of making my body react as if I would die if I go out.

I have been actively practicing how to overcome panic attacks since the year began.

My carriage

The invitation to meet up with Francien before the run was in my mind the whole week.  It seem almost as if it was the carriage that brought me to the "ball".


Focusing on that, and what we would talk about  helped my mind be distracted away from the usual stream of negative, self-defeating thoughts that paralyze me, and eventually makes me skip going to places to run or to experience something different beyond my duties and responsibilities as a mom.

Let me add, it helps to get myself motivated to go outdoors, when  the person waiting for me has a deeper understanding, how challenging  it is for me to go out, and meet with people because of how I put myself under so much pressure.

The Door to "the Castle"

Due to my easily distracted mind, I missed the date to online pre-registration  for the 10K part of the event.

After our talk, Francien helped me get through the late-registration.

And I "Danced with My Running Shoes"….

We had to part ways after that, and before we did, she gave me a gift.

Nope, not glass slippers!

She gave me calm and clarity.

I have to say, they are better than any gown or glass slippers,  a Fairy Godmother can ever give!  I will wear calm and clarity, like my second skin.

This blog may not make make sense (yet!) to you, my dear readers. But please, today, indulge my romantic fairytale loving heart, as I want to record and remember this day as such: fairytale like!


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