Saturday, August 17, 2013

Be Always in Motion: 42 Days to 42.195 KM

Mijn liefste P & I after Paris Marathon 2013, behind us from a distance the Arc de Triomphe
BAM (Be Always -in- Motion!)!

I didnt pay attention to times or distance, instead focusing on how it felt
just to be in motion,
knowing it wasn't about the finish line
but how I got there that mattered.
Sarah Dessen, The Truth About Forever

Appreciation - it is a lesson I derive while I recover from my current injury.

Appreciation for my partner, my family, friends, and many people I have yet to personally meet but who all supports me generously in spirit, in my effort to make myself a better person through running.

I have achieved a lot in the short period of time since I begun with running.  This is something I had  to learn to acknowledge while I brooded over being unable to run long distance until I can do so without pain.

Brooding never really helps; positive writing, positively does.

This thought has helped me and kept me motivated in continuing with my blogging here about my marathon training even though there is not much to write about running.

Writing what I have been thinking while I rest from long distance running, and strengthen my feet to come back to it. Rest is a part of training, and keeping positive needs training as well!

After all, the success of finishing a marathon is much sweeter once all these hurdles have been overcome.  Stories behind the statistics of running (or stories before you go back to running after an injury!) are as interesting as the recorded mileage, and it's corresponding pace!

Speaking of statistics, statistics show I've ran 100 runs (as documented via Nike+ from August 2012 - August 2013; August 2011 - August 2012  I still have to piece together from various online records).  From being a complete couch potato to a multiple marathoner in 24 months.

All these statistics can't illustrate how much my life has changed for the better, though.

Running has literally helped me move forward; it continues to do so in the form of different goals.

Training for marathons, and running everywhere in Holland and abroad, has helped improve my mental health tremendously.

Blogging about this adventure, this transition helps me to consistently follow the path of a stronger me.

A collage of our weekend a year ago 18. - 19th of August
It is the 42nd image
from the FB album 42 for 42: countdown to Berlin Marathon 2012

In 2012, on a beautiful late Summer of September, I finished my first marathon in Berlin with a huge smile and tears falling freely on my joyous face.

running towards the finish line just a few hundred meters away
Berlin Marathon 2012

Berlin Marathon 2013 course

I plan and I am determined to finish as strong and as happy this year!


  1. Running is not always about the statistics or the distance, it is more about how it makes you feel and the positivity that you gain from it.

    Running is an adventure and it is a part of our story :-)

    1. Thanks for dropping by Harold!

      I wholeheartedly agree. :)

  2. Congardulations on completing your first marathon! I am working on my first, it will be Oct 27th27th :). I agree staying positive is important, my left knee was hurting, its getting better, and glad your are recovering too :)

  3. Love the first picture and the caption inside it. It couldn't ring more true to me as well. Best of luck with all your training this year. You are doing great!

  4. I love your outlook on running. I keep all my stats, times, splits, etc with my Garmin, but they don't define me as a runner either. Just like it has for you, running has changed my life for the better - regardless of where I finish in a race or how fast I can run. The fact that I do run makes all the difference.

  5. I love Sarah Dessen and congrats on the runs. Your blog is chock filled with motivation which is why I nominated you for the sunshine award.

  6. Nice post! i just made a new fb for myself a new start. (just to let you know) I'm going to do the colorrun at 22 june! so excited!


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