Saturday, April 14, 2012

Marathon Soundtrack

I bought this book by Jeff Galloway, in 2005 to help me in visualising my marathon dream

Starting next week,  I am determined to log once again my sleeping pensum, and will go to bed early starting on Sunday. I wrote a blog about my intentions of changing my sleeping pattern at My Daily Mooosings in the Netherlands.

As, I looked for classical music to listen to as part of my new sleeping ritual, I started thinking of the marathon soundtrack I would love to put together for my big day in Berlin.

with mijn liefste P, after the finish of my first ever 5K in Amsterdam Bos, 8th of August, 2011
I did not have a good experience with my iPod during running my first 5K last year in Summer, and since then I have altogether abandoned the use of it even during my training.

But since the distance of my training would be longer, and longer, I would like to listen to music again while I run.

Sadly, our Littlest in the family locked the iPod with a password, and we need to save all music on an external hard drive before we can restart it again.  Something I have been procrastinating on for months now.

I am giving myself until the end of this month to finally accomplish this task, that I can start putting together my marathon soundtrack!

What was the top 10 music of you marathon soundtrack i.e. the last 10 songs programmed to accompany you to the finish line?  And if you are not running a marathon this year, what is your favourite music to run to, or work out to? Perhaps dance to if dancing is what keeps you fit?!

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